Gyopár Kovács


It was 2019 when I came up with the idea for this photo series. The idea was to showcase those moments during the workday of a successful person the media, entertainment world that people don't usually get to see. Most of the time we identify these people as stars, whose life must be so much easier and fancier than ours but at the end of the day, these people are also only humans just like us. I chose to ask Gyopi to be the first subject of this series because I already had the chance to work with her on a different photoshoot. She is also so inspirational to me because she chose a field to succeed in which is not known to give opportunities easily. The plan was that I am going to accompany her on a day when she has to perform in two plays and that I am going to document her day from her trip to the theatre until the last minutes before the play starts. I've never been good at learning long texts so it was so fascinating to see her process to get in the character, not just hers but everyone else's. I mainly focused on Gyopi but I tried to make time to see how the other cast members have their own personal ritual before the play. It was clear that this is not just a job for them, not just a new play but in fact, it's their passion, they love what they do and the would never give it up for any money. About the series I plan to make it as long as I can with that many people as I can, hopefully, I can upload the next part of "Before The Light Come Up" as soon as possible.