Peti - Tündi WEDDING -718.jpg

Tündi and Peti
/ couple /

We are so happy that we chose you to capture our big day. We got beautiful pictures from you. During our time together we got to know you as a talented and fair photographer and we quickly found a common voice.
Thank you for working with us and we wish you continued success with your photography!

2019 jan 31 - edit 4.jpg

/ photographer /

Chill, professionalism and feeling carefree. These words describe the work with Attila. If you want your uninhibited self captured, well, then he is the guy!

2019 jan 31 - edit 22.jpg

/ model /

I really liked the work with Attila. I am always afraid if a session with a photographer will be akward, especially if I meet him for the first time, but he was funny, kind and made me feel comfortable which helped a lot. I liked that he gave me instructions, like how to stand, how to hold my hands and he did not expect me to pose perfectly. I am in love with the results, I think the retouch is amazing. I love when my blemishes are gone but the texture of my skin remains. It makes the photos so much more natural and he works exactly like that so I am really grateful!

Gabi X Pandora edit - 7.jpg

/ influencer /

It is always great to work with Attila because it is so easy to get on the same page with him and he always knows what kind of pictures I want as results. He is flexible and knows his gear, therefore the shoot is smooth and the results are amazing photographs. I think he is a super photographer.

viviendorka edit - 1.jpg

/ model /

I really enjoyed to work with Attila, he was really kind and easy-going but professional at the same time. We could talk easily and he made me comfortable, which I think is crucial in this industry. I want to emphasize that he is pretty creative, he had a lot of great ideas. I especially liked that even though it is the model's job to pose he helped me, gave me ideas and he even showed me exactly what he wanted to see on the picture and the results speak for themselves, I love them. He is surely one of the best photographers I had the chance to work with!

recsuki 2 edit-33.jpg



/ model /

In my opinion, the most important thing during a photoshoot is the good mood, if the atmosphere is great, then we can be our true self and we won't feel awkward. Attila can perfectly set the mood for the shoot and makes it enjoyable for everyone so the pictures turn out great. I enjoyed every moment of the shoot and the results are beautiful.

Blanka studio edit 1.jpg



/ student /

I loved the photoshoot! Because we were in a studio we could work for music and I was the one to choose what we were listening to. The clothes and the mood created a really pleasant atmosphere so I could be myself from the start. This pleasant feeling just got better because I got really good instructions. Last but not least the quality of the end product is amazing. When I look at them I really feel like he brought out the best from me. The retouching is great, it is not over the top, my skin kept its texture as well, which I really like. It's a beautiful job. Thank you!

Nikola Vild edit-27.jpg



/ model /

Working with Attila has been a pleasure. He made me feel comfortable which made the whole shooting funny and stress-free and at the same time on a professional level. I’m very happy with our results. Thank You, Attila!




/ musician /

The shoot with Attila was a pretty pleasant experience. I was happy that he could help me with the poses by giving me advices and even showing them. On the other hand he also listened to my ideas and made sure I got what I wanted to at the end. I think kindness and opennesss is really important to get professional results and I already saw before the editing process that these are going to be amazing photos that I can proudly use.

Gyopi&Soma - 33.jpg

Gyopi and Soma


/ couple /

I was only on a very few photoshoots where the photographer really knew what is flattering for me and where I felt like I can see any of the pictures and I will like them for sure. From this set of photos I can look at any of the pictures and I am sure I will love them all. I see myself so much more beautiful on these photos than in everyday life. The photoshoot with Attila was so easy and we had a great time. Our happines really shows on the photos. He captured exactly those moments which I absolutely love in my relationship. When I will look back at these pictures 50 years from now I will smile because of the memories these will bring back to my mind.